Monday, November 25, 2019

Thoughts on spirituality

On Sunday afternoon, as I drove to my Executive Leadership course at Ivey in London, I listened to a podcast, which informed how I participated to ensure a rewarding experience for myself and for all. I came to it with openness and from an authentic place, trying not to project the individual me. I listened a lot and connected. When I participated I found myself receiving insight from a higher intelligence which made me act with wisdom and solve problems easily. I was amazed at the coincidences and synchronicities I experienced. I received great feedback from fellow participants and even a scholarship grant from the organizers. I am sure you can all relate to those times when you find yourself in a zone! I urge you all to listen and process the subtleties of some of the fundamental truths conveyed here, as espoused in that podcast (link below. The gist as I understood it is below:

Consciousness and you

Key ideas

Consciousness is non local
Amit explains many things based on theories of physics - that everything is anchored in consciousness as a base and that consciousness is non local. This means that space and time have nothing to do with it. It therefore explains how we can manifest events and experiences based on intentions and healing can happen from a distance.

Causation is downward and not upward and matter is not concrete
Matter as it is manifested is not concrete but represents “possibilities”. Because of this we can manifest any and all possibilities without limitations (radical!!).

So how do we make all this relevant in our lives? What can we practically do?
It’s really simple. No need to think too deeply about any of this. He says just be aware that anything that triggers a sensation, thought or action may be outside but is best dealt with focussing inward and noticing them as they arise is all we need to do to quieten the thoughts that cause them. The more we do this the more connected we will be with the universal consciousness. The less we do this the more separate and unworthy our ego will make us feel.

Do we need to get rid of the ego?
The good news is - we don’t need to get rid of the ego. The basis of all creativity is the ego. And so there is doing (ego) and being until one evolves into just being. Practically speaking we can have great initiatives, but as we connect more with the universal consciousness we will be less identified with them at the level of the ego more at the collective realm. When we shift attention away from seeking credit and validation for the little “I” and form intention to work towards the universal “I”, a process of evolution naturally sets in within each of us and one day we will each be merged with the universal.

So what is the collective benefit from this?
The more we are this way the more we can create a field around us of love and peace (morphogenic); and the more numbers of us who do this, the more awesome the quantum social change that can happen. We should therefore engage in this practice for the greater good as well! (revolutionary!!)